1. A New Home

    I’ve been hearing about Tumblr for quite some time, but with Facebook and Twitter hogging all the attention, I never really got the chance to check it out until now. Which I’m glad I finally did. I’m a big fan of posting photos of the students at work so I’m glad pictures here look bright and crisp. Students, classmates, teachers, and parents will love seeing what happens during the crazy mess that comprise our art classes. And with the ability to cross-post on FB and Twitter, what else is there?

    Tinta has a new home!

    The transition is a welcome change. We’re on our 3rd summer, and I’m really excited/nervous/giddy about it. We’ll be adding more meat to old favorites like Acrylic Painting and Basic Drawing, as well as keeping things fresh with new classes like (gasp!) Fashion Design & Accessory Making and a more robust Digital Photography course. More on that in the next few posts.

    Here’s looking forward to a fantastic summer!

    - Ryan